The Brecon Beacons

The hills of South Wales

I recently took a trip to the Brecon Beacons and was lucky enough to have a few friends join me on my adventures: Nick, who had previously accompanied me on the successful trek up Snowdon, his partner Grace, and our friend Henry.

Exploring the Brecon Beacons was a great experience and I was immediately struck by the stark contrast between this area of Wales and Snowdonia; their natural beauties presented themselves so differently. Snowdonia was picturesque – a landscape that would not look out of place in a film with vivid shades of greens, scenic mountains, inviting lakes and striking remnants of mines. The Brecon Beacons were also green but lacked texture as a landscape. It was flat and quite barren yet was beautiful in its own way. The landscape was divided by an old Roman road which captivated the mind and left you speculating how on earth it was built all that time ago and the difficulties that must have been faced. Even as a modern hiker you are still completely vulnerable to the elements. Luckily for us, as you can see from the photos, the landscape was finally starting to enjoy spring temperatures after a very recent snowy week that hit Wales. Sadly, this meant that the snow had disappeared just in time for our arrival which left me still in pursuit of the illusive snowy mountain pictures that I find myself forever hunting for. However, I remain optimistic - there is always next year!

We decided to embark on a three peak walk that would encompass Corn Du, Pen - y - Fan and Cribyn. In total, this was roughly a 12-13km trek and easily done in a late morning to afternoon walk. The hike took us roughly 6 after plenty of photography stops and snack breaks. From the pictures the terrain isn’t immediately obvious but be aware that the paths get steep in places! The route we took was east to west with Corn Du being our first the peak. The Roman road starts with a steep incline which left us needing a break and a refuel half way up. After that the hike was filled with beautiful views of an open landscape and plenty of laughing in the strong wind as we weren’t quite sure whether we were about to be blown away at any moment!

It ended up being a fantastic hike across only two of the peaks due to time pressures but for anyone who wants a good day out hiking and maybe even practice for other mountains the UK has to offer this is definitely worth your time!

Just a quick note as to where we stayed in the Brecon Beacons - we camped at a site named Cwmdu. It was in a fantastic and easy location and contained everything you could need except hot drinking hot water. My advice would be to bring a kettle if you’re a tea or coffee maniac like me! As always links below;

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