Our Beginning in Cairo

My Long Trip makes it to Egypt!

So now, after a few months, I’m back in North Africa. My favourite childhood memories are saturated with fond recollections of visiting my family here as well as exploring the incredible things this land has to offer. Upon my return, I’m older, not much wiser, but vastly more hungry for culture and understanding.

I will be seeing as much as I can alongside reconnecting with my brothers out here - all four of them! So far, the plan consists of the following: pyramids & tombs, Egyptian beaches and a trip into the White Desert - all things I can sink my teeth into! I am most intrigued about taking a trip into the desert wilds where I hope to get some footage of sand dunes and all kinds of colours on the white stones in the famous desert.

Pyramids have always fascinated me, not only due to their size and timeless grandeur, but also because you can eat your KFC chicken wing while staring at some of the oldest and most majestic architecture the human race has to offer. I say this with admiration and heartbreak simultaneously. Some see this as a huge loss of the romantic notions that they imagined growing up from movies and such. However, for me, it creates a fascinating duality between the old world and the new.

Pictures of the Nile have always been something I wished to capture, especially sunsets with reflections on the water. And of course, the stereotypical charm of Arabic and African markets in the evening, full of colours and patterns that fill the viewer with awe and distract the eyes beautifully, lend themselves to be captured by the camera lens.

These are but a few of my photography goals this trip, having always been a fan of historians who contemplate Egyptian and megalithic structures linking into the rest of our species, studying how much our cultures do go back. As always contact me and throw suggestions my way! I am always interested.