Defining My Long Trip to you

My Long Trip is about many things…

First of all it’s a site that I started to get hired, I have a range of equipment and photography skills that I get contracted out for. But photography isn’t easy. It's a complicated market full of other keen hard working people and you need to stand out. And many have niches in areas I simply don’t and that’s okay. 

But Im different, just like everybody else. My niche though is my ability to travel, to willingly go anywhere I need to, and get you images. Be it volcanos, the vast ocean, arctic land scapes or scolding sun that. Combined with my passion for my work means contracts are there, I’d just like more of them.

I truly don’t think the world has been drowned by many like me, willing to go anywhere anytime in any circumstance just to capture the beautiful images our planet has to offer. And because of that I have been in many ‘hairy’ and fantastic situations. Like anything there’s high’s and lows.

Second half of My Long Trip is about inspiration, getting people out in the world again realising there’s more to it, more importantly more to traveling than a gap year party between college and University with your current or new travel buddies. 

Theres thousands of cultures across our globe and billions of people. This fact a lone means something out there is going to interest you, much more than that latest console, car or sofa. So set goals and realise you can get there and experience anything you want, if you do a bit of research it won’t even cost you an arm and leg either because hostels, tuk-tuks and rooftop train seats create stories and when you can’t do certain things anymore its these stories that you keep forever. I promise that.


It was the 24th of Feb 2019 when I committed to exploring Istanbul with my friend, Faisal Iqbal. We desired a last-minute getaway and finally decided that Istanbul would be the destination of choice for us both. We noted the weather wasn’t predicted to be particularly great, but we resolved to remain undeterred and would endeavour to see as much of the wonderful city as we could, no matter what the elements threw at us.

We flew with Turkish Airlines who did a great job and stayed at Oba Hotel in central Istanbul, approximately a 5-minute walk from the Blue Mosque. Istanbul was an incredible city with deep rooted Ottoman culture. The people were polite and friendly, happy to help with directions and gracious enough to allow haggling when shopping which is always fun for someone like me.

This was my first trip away with my good friend, Faisal. It was nice to have someone with a sense of humour along for the ride. Solo travel will never cease to be special to me but having a companion there for even more laughs always adds to the experience!

Istanbul is definitely a destination for you if you wish to experience an eclectic mix of European and Islamic culture. The architecture is comparable to Rome in places and the atmosphere is warm and inviting in general. The history vast and saturates the city.

My only complaint was the volume of people. Therefore, I would suggest going to Istanbul during the off season to avoid the crowds and to allow yourself to be fully immersed in the experience of such a vibrant Middle Eastern city.